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Imagine if I told you you’re more than capable of imagining, thinking and shooting Milky Way pictures which will put people into what I call an sharing trance? Would you think it? Now, almost everybody is able to take photographs of the night Sky, even great ones. Night sky photography in general, and MIlky Way photography in particular, have become extremely common. You see it daily, social networks are full of multiple excellent Milky Way photographs, published by excellent photographers hoping that their job will be massively shared. However, the truth is that just a couple achieve to move viral. Why? 1 possible response is: internal remarkability. Social media pro, Jonah Berger, at his New York Times Bestseller publication’Contagious: things capture ‘, asserts that:”Remarkable matters offer social currency only because they create the men and women who talk about them seem, well, more notable [… ] Sharing extraordinary, novel, or entertaining stories or ads makes people seem more exceptional, novel, and entertaining [… ] Not surprisingly then, remarkable things get caught more often. “Therefore, how do you create pictures so people will talk about and chat about? The same internal remarkability principle applies. Taking good photos is not sufficient, they have to be really remarkable. The theory behind the report is to assist you to tell better stories Best Via Lactea Presets through your Milky Way photography, which means that your message reaches more people. At the era when Whatsapp, social networks and television are fighting for our attention – and when more photos than you can perhaps see in your whole lifetime are published daily – you need to find out how to make truly remarkable photos your friends and followers can not avoid sharing and talking about… They will disperse your story, your message)Thus… In this informative article, I will cover all you want to turn your own Milky Way photograph ideas into truly epic images… Everything! From tons of Milky Way images to inspire you, a complete Milky Way viewing calendar for 2020 (together with the best months of the year you’re able to picture the Milky Way) and also how to use the PhotoPills app to program any Milky Way photo you picture… In other words, to find the appropriate shooting spot and right date and time the Milky Way picture you picture actually occurs. So you can go and capture it! To all of the equipment you need and how to utilize it to photograph the Milky Way step by step. And needless to say, this includes the most used Milky Way camera settings! All of this will become evident as you read through this guide