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A particular strength is their optional Advanced Threat Protection module, which protects businesses against emerging email threats. The service has a good level of admin features, and concise reports allow admins to have an overview of their email communications. The drawbacks of this service are that the administrator console is flash based, and there can be delays between policies being submitted, and then taking effect. However, this is an easy to use service, which does offer strong threat protection. The service includes comprehensive virus and compliance filters.

Mail servers being used for spamming rarely process these requests, and if they do, there is often a considerable delay. The delay can indicate whether a message is spam when other analyses are inconclusive. URIBL and SURBL filters are used to identify malicious URLs embedded in emails. These URLs redirect users to web pages hosting phishing kits or sites where malware is downloaded. Scans of URLs in emails should be performed in real-time and checked against blacklists of known malicious URLs and domains.

When that happens, your messages are seen as less relevant, and that can play a factor in whether you’re sent to spam or not. SpamSieve uses powerful Bayesian Spam filters to detect incoming spam, and adapt to new spammer tricks to block those too. It can even maintain a whitelist to ensure that none of your legitimate emails get tagged as spam. Greylisting is a technique used to identify mail servers that have not yet been added to real time blackhole lists . When an email is received from a suspicious domain, rather than accepting the message it is rejected along with a request to resend the message.

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So, this program won’t even keep you safe from spam, it will also prevent spreading malicious software through mail. That is why we’ve decided to create this list of email spam filters that you can try. If your email list contains outdated addresses or unengaged subscribers, you’re probably not getting the delivery rates and open rates you’d hoped for.

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Just like it’s the case with the majority of spam filters from this list, SpamBytes uses the Bayesian method to learn from your decisions, and automatically filter unwanted mail. Once you mark an email as spam, it will be automatically transferred to the spam section of Gmail, and future messages from that sender won’t make it to your main inbox, as well. Besides providing an effective way of filtering spam from your email, Spamfence also provides free virus security.

Sandboxing is also used to explore the content of the webpages through embedded hyperlinks. Anti-virus software can help to reduce the threat from email-based malware attacks, and security awareness training can reduce susceptibility to phishing attacks. However, signature-based antivirus software is ineffective at blocking zero-day threats, macros, and malicious scripts that download malware and ransomware and security awareness training is not always effective.

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 30% of phishing emails are opened by end users and 12% of users click the links in phishing emails or open potentially malicious email attachments. Hornetsecurity offer a platform suited to protecting email threats. They offer businesses strong protection against malicious emails, spam and phishing attacks.